Custom Athletic Mouthguards

It may surprise you to learn that over five million teeth are lost every year during sporting activities. With the use of PlaySafe Sports Mouthguards, however, it is estimated that over 200,000 dental injuries are avoided each year. Custom athletic mouthguards such as the PlaySafe Sports Mouthguard provide more reliable protection from sports-related oral injuries.


The “boil-and-bite” athletic mouthguards sold over the counter are one size fits all, making them loose and less stable than custom sports mouthguards. The individual must keep his or her teeth clenched tightly to hold the mouthguards in place, increasing the risk that the mouthguard might shift or even fall out when the wearer experiences an impact or looses their bite. PlaySafe sports mouthguards fit your mouth exactly providing superior protection for professional and amateur athletes.

Justa Farm Dental Esthetics can fit and create your custom PlaySafe athletic mouthguard, providing much-needed protection in the heat of the game. Even casual sports enthusiasts and active individuals can benefit from the protection of a custom athletic mouthguard. Play it safe with PlaySafe from Justa Farm Dental Esthetics.