A Special Note About StemSave

Stem cells are the building blocks of every tissue in our body. They are the beginnings of life, creating every piece of us that is to be, and after birth, are contained in umbilical cord blood. Even as we grow and mature, stem cells continue to be a life force, replenishing our bodies by repairing damaged tissues. Stem cells constantly initiate the amazing cycles of regenerative organs, such as our skin and blood, and are found in our muscles, bone marrow, even teeth.

A part of us since the first human, stem cells have created and sustained us for millions of years. Yet the most remarkable characteristic of stem cells are only now being discovered. Belying their potential with their size, these tiny cells hold the power to heal sickness, cure disease, and perhaps even help those without the gift of movement someday reach and walk again.

We encourage you to learn more about this precious resource, and how it can protect the future health of your family at www. stemsave.com.

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