Our Technology

Advanced technologies have greatly improved the way we practice dentistry in the 21st Century. We are able to provide our patients with quicker, more comfortable visits, and the latest advances in dental medicine give us the ability to detect problems sooner providing more precise diagnoses.

Digital Photography: Digital photographs helps us provide the outstanding cosmetic results we are known for. We use digital photography to communicate with our talented lab technicians.

Digital Imaging- Digital imaging is computer software that allows us to take your digital photograph and manipulate it to reflect the procedures you’re considering.

Intraoral Cameras: By using small, wand-like cameras to visualize hard to view areas of the mouth, we are better able to detect and diagnose problems.

Digital X-rays: Digital radiography greatly reduces our patient’s radiation exposure while improving imaging quality.

DIAGNOdent- One of the most important things we do for our patients is identify and fill cavities. Since any spot of decay can threaten the integrity of an entire tooth, we use DIAGNOdent, a state-of-the-art, completely comfortable dental laser that finds cavities in the earliest stages.

Lasers- Lasers have transformed medical surgery by offering minimally-invasive alternatives to traditional scalpel incisions and sutured closures. This makes it ideal for oral surgery, since it seldom affects tissues other than those it targets. The laser provides precise control over the depth and extent of cutting, while simultaneously minimizing bleeding and sterilizing the treatment area.

ViziLite- ViziLite is an identification and marking system that detects tissue abnormalities and is used in combination with traditional visual exams.

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